Top Ten Pinterest Boards

posted on 1/29/13

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#1 Joy Cho – Oh Joy!

83 boards / 8336+ pins

One of the most popular pinners; Design, Food, Projects & Wishlists

Largest Board: For the Home


#2 Daniel Bear Hunley

34 boards / 3847+ pins

Food, Prints, Men’s fashion, Graphic Design

Best Board: Wow


#3 Jane Wang

95 boards / 22799+ pins

Food, Fashion, Inspiration

Best Board: octopus


#4 Bekka Palmer

38 boards / 4768+ pins

Fashion, Design, Lifestyle

Largest Board: Closet


#5 Maia McDonald

47 boards / 18644+ pins

Graphic Design, Illustration, Fashion, Interior Decorating

Largest Board: Artwork and Illustration


#6 Christine Martinez

48 boards / 6997+ pins

Fashion, Dogs, Gifts

Weirdest Board: Pooch and Person Style


#7 Jennifer Chong

56 boards / 6221+ pins

Design, Food, Photography, Travel, Design

Best Board: Pattern


#8 Ez Pudewa

63 boards / 7443+ pins

Graphic Design, Desserts, Crafts

Favorite Board: DIY and Freebies


#9 Mike D

23 boards / 7233+ pins

“design/travel/food/sports/music/alcohol in no particular order”

Largest Board: Design


#10 Anna H

43 boards / 4051+ pins

Primarily domestic subjects with emphasis on interior decorating and clever design

Most Useful Board: Shelving and art display

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