Top Ten Slasher Movies

posted on 7/3/13

Slasher movies are unique to the genre of horror because they do not focus on a supernatural terror, but instead play on the fear of being hunted by another human being. While most people do not worry about vampires, zombies, or ghostly threats to their well-being, the possibility of a deranged lunatic in possession of sharp objects is not outside the realm of possibility. Here we take a look at the Top Ten Slasher Movies that have sliced and diced their way into our nightmares.


Psycho (1960)
Even though Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller may be considered tame compared to the gory slasher movies that were to follow, Psycho still holds up as a classic in the genre. When Marion Crane goes on the run with $40,000 that her employer entrusted her with to bring to the bank, she finds herself in more trouble than she could have ever imagined. She checks into the Bates Motel to rest for the night and becomes the target of a disturbed young man who is influenced by his controlling mother.


Halloween (1978)
Michael Myers breaks out of a mental institution where he has been held since he was 6 years old for murdering his older sister. Exactly fifteen years later, on Halloween night, Michael puts on a mask and returns to his hometown to continue his campaign of torment on a new lot of unsuspecting victims. Jamie Lee Curtis stars as the babysitter Michael Myers has set his sights on.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Five friends take a trip to visit their grandfather’s grave and his former residence in rural Texas. They encounter a family of homicidal maniacs who dabble in grave robbing and cannibalism. The leader of the bunch, a looming figure known as “Leatherface”, chases them with his chainsaw as the friends try to escape this harrowing ordeal.


Scream (1996)
On the one year anniversary of her mother’s murder, Sidney Prescott is confronted with a new terror as her small town is besieged by a serial killer. While her friends enjoy the thrill of living through a scenario straight out of the slasher movies they have watched for entertainment, Sidney begins to question her own belief that the man who was convicted of killing her mother is actually the person responsible.


Friday the 13th (1980)
A summer camp with a dark history is being reopened after many years of abandonment. As the new counselors prepare the lakeside cabins for arriving campers, they find that they are being stalked by a machete-wielding maniac. The killer may be seeking vengeance for the sins of past counselors who were responsible for letting a little boy drown in the eerie Crystal Lake.


I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
A double date between four high school sweethearts turns tragic when they accidentally hit a stranger with their car. They decide to dispose of the man’s body and pretend this fatal incident never happened. Torn apart by guilt and animosity, the group reunite a year later when they start receiving ominous messages from a menacing psychopath who won’t let them forget their crimes.


Prom Night (1980)
Jamie Lee Curtis solidifies her status as the Scream Queen of slasher movies when she returns to the silver screen in this story about a nightmarish senior prom. A group of teenagers become the focus of revenge for a killer who wants to punish them for playing a role in the accidental death of a child six years earlier.


American Psycho (2000)
Everyone knows that Wall Street financial guys are sleezy sleezebags with a lack of empathy for other human beings. American Psycho takes this pathological deviancy and brings it to a whole new level of scary. Patrick Bateman is a wealthy white collar criminal, only his crimes are much more gruesome than embezzling funds and insider trading. Patrick gets his jollies by torturing and killing people who are unfortunate enough to trust his polished demeanor.


Urban Legend (1998)
Students are living in fear on a secluded college campus in New England when someone starts murdering their classmates in the style of popular urban legends. Natalie Simon, a gifted co-ed studying folklore, becomes convinced that the killer is trying to target her because all the victims have been connected to her in some way. This slasher movie will teach you to always check your back seat.


Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2007)
For a fresh take on the slasher movies genre, this mockumentary provides a behind the scenes look into the planning of a killing spree. Leslie Vernon invites a camera crew to follow him as he sets up a horrifying scenario to execute a series of murders in a remote farm house. This film is frightening, funny, but also particularly relevant in our current climate of celebrity obsession. It illustrates the modern phenomenon of people seeking infamy by any means necessary.

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