Valentines Do’s And Dont’s

posted on 1/30/14

Love Is In The Air

But sometimes it takes a little push! With the everyday stresses of jobs, bills, family and society, who has time to “turn up the heat”? the idea of planning and carrying out a scheme to seduce your lover just doesn’t seem realistic, it’s the stuff of romance literature, not real life. Wrong, those novels had to come from somewhere, and it’s easier than you think to get your relationship steaming


To make it “hurt so good” or to bound someone up is one of the most common and well loved scenarios in the romance circuit. Some lovers stay grounded and keep it mild but some go full throttle with this and make it a total lifestyle, the choice is between the participants. Don’t forget your “safe word” to shout out if things get to be too much, it might be good idea to use a word something that kills the sexy mood instantly like “Fire!”

Handcuffs, corsets, and whips, it’s a dangerous world full of intrigue and manipulation, much like politics, and also, everyone’s getting their ass beat, much like politics. If you want to spice up your Valentines Day, try to Bond over some Bondage with your Significant Other.



Naughty Nurses, French Maids, and Sex Kittens have been apart of the American Experience since the days of trench warfare when soldiers would post up photos from home or pinups of the dames whose charms made all the hardship worth it. The seemingly esoteric passions of roleplay are more common than one might imagine, and bringing the fantasy to life easier than you might think.

The right hairstyle, makeup or clothes can transform a person from citizen to vixen in moments, if you’re a more escapist type, try a new role for a change.


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