Vampire Party: Rave In The Grave

posted on 5/24/13

“I Vant to Come to your Rave”
– Dracula

Vampires love the nightlife! It’s summertime so you know it’s getting stuffy in that coffin, so time to dust off the capes and pointy fangs, grab a glow stick and come to the Vampire Party!


Clearly, this is a Costume Party; Everyone should be dressed to match this mood. However, it’s not strictly enforced; if a person has a cape but no teeth, or a teeth or no cape, no worries! It’s a Vampire Party, but this is also a Rave, not school or a job! It’s about the mixing matching of the fun aspects of Rave with the cool and sinister aspects of a Vampire! Encourage your guests to be bold, how about a cape with Nike Dunks? Or maybe a Fedora with fangs?

(Img Source: / Bing)

(Image Source: / Bing)


Blood Red and Midnight Black as a general rule should be the only colors for the decorations for your perfect Vampire Party. But since this is also a fun dance party, strobes, flashing lights, and LEDs of any type. Fake Blood in general is an awesome decoration for this kind of party, throw white sheets up over the drink table and the walls and splash that fake blood everywhere so it POPS! Coffins, skulls, candles and cobwebs are a must for the perfect Vampire Party atmosphere (you could even just draw them on a poster and put it on on the wall); Try to make your spot look like a Club in the Crypt.


This is a Rave! Music and Dancing are your two primary concerns for the most wild Vampire Party. If you have a DJ, that’s great, and if they have a gimmick already, that’s cool, but ask if they want to ask them to change their moniker for the event, (DJ Drac sounds like a better fit for this kind of event than DJ TooCool) some DJs are very sensitive about their DJ name so if you think they might get offended if you ask, just don’t even go there! As for what kind of music for a Vampire Party, it really doesn’t matter because the point is wear costumes and have fun, but there’s a ton of gothic and vamp based club beats and remixes (just look on youtube!). In addition to the music, a great mood setter for your Vampire Party would be to obtain a “spooky FX” album of scary noises like screaming, chains and doors creaking and have that playing in a hidden boombox to get your guests freaked out.

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