Wear Purple For Peace Day

posted on 5/16/13

Every year on May 16th we celebrate Wear Purple For Peace Day. Not much is known about the origins of this holiday. A cursory Google search turned up exactly zero results for information on how many years this has taken place, or by whom it was started. Mystery abounds!

Rumor has it the holiday was started by people who wanted to make contact with alien species that are wary of our constantly quarreling planet. Sure! Why not? All we do know is that this holiday is a good way to publicly display your affinity for peace while exchanging all manners of winks, nods, and high fives with passing strangers who do the same.

Here we have complied some suggestions for promoting peace and harmony on Purple For Peace Day. These tips can also be applied to every other day of the year, except for Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Cinco De Mayo, or any other holidays strictly devoted to celebrating battles and those who have died in the name of dispute!

-Hold the door open for someone
-Don’t get into internet arguments
-Tip your server, even if they suck
-Ask how someone’s day was
-Apologize to someone from your past who you wronged
-Do something nice for someone who hates you
-Donate something to those less fortunate
-Share a laugh with a stranger, but not in a creepy way
-Let people exit the subway before cramming yourself in there like a goddamn animal

At this rate, with random acts of kindness and purple wardrobe additions made, our planet should be presentable to extraterrestrials by the year 2113! Just kidding, we will never be good enough for them. But we can try to be good enough for each other. Fighting is bad. It leads to hurt feelings, high blood pressure, and sometimes bodily damage. So this May 16th, wear purple to show you are not in favor of hostile relations with your fellow man.

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