Top 10 Most Intense Christmas Decorations

posted on 11/29/13

One of the most striking aspects of the Winter Holiday season in America is our complete obsession with Christmas Decorations. Houses, Lawns, Trees and entire properties are festooned with multi-colored lights, figures, inflatable holiday figures and more. Some neighborhoods will go all out and have tours of their brightly colored Shangri-Las. What is the meaning of this? Is it just good time Christmas cheer? Is it consumerism run amok? We’re not talking about just some candy cane electric candles or some snow lights, we’re talking about maximalist hoarding, from the basement to the rafters, a total electric rainbow, a small fortune in electricity bills. Whatever the reasons may be, every year in the winter season, the American people bring their all, and turn our streets and homes into a carnival of motionless artifice, a country of thousands of “palaces of lights”.



Just a Little Overkill



Not too bad, the tree work is getting rather garish



Starting to get nutty, still kind of a nice palace of lights feel



This is about the limit of normal sanity, excessive and unnecessary



A Little scary, still kind of pretty



Pretty Freaky



True Madness Rears it’s head



Resembles a Christmas Decorations store more than a home



Post Apocalyptic Style Christmas Decorations



Completed Demented

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