Witch Party

posted on 6/3/13

witch party

Well, the Halloween season is nearly upon us, so it’s the perfect time to start getting into the holiday spirit with a fun and spooky Witch Party. All the little witches and warlocks are sure to get a kick out of these creative and scary party ideas!

witch party decorations
Since this is a magical event, why not bring a little bit of wonder to the decorations? Try stringing a few feet of our star wire garland around doorways or between trees to lend the party a shimmering, ethereal atmosphere. Another easy and inexpensive way to bring a little witchy flavor to your party is to scatter a few fake roaches or bendable skeletons around the refreshments table to give the tableau a little extra ‘oomph’. Plus, the kids can take away the roaches and skeletons as souvenirs when they leave!

Of course, no witch party would be complete without some fun supernatural activities for the kids to do! Here are a couple of fun ideas that are Private Island originals!

Witch’s Brew

witch party ice cream

This is a great activity because it combines the spooky fun of the witch party theme with an all-time favorite childhood activity: eating ice cream! Here’s what you do: First, go out and get two tubs of soft-serve (vanilla and chocolate) and some green food dye. Let the vanilla ice cream warm up a bit, stir in the desired amount of green dye, and put it back in the freezer with the chocolate. These are your two potion bases: The green is Goblin Guts, the brown is Werewolf Puree. Next, assemble a few popular ice cream toppings and put them in separate bowls. Label each bowl with its own creepy name. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

-reese’s pieces are “newt’s eyes”
-gummy worms are “worms”
-crushed oreos/heath bar are “funeral earth”
-strawberry sauce is “baby’s blood”
-chocolate sauce is “devil’s bile”
-caramel sauce is “ogre’s earwax”
-chopped peanuts are “crushed snails”

…and let them go to town creating their own fun concoctions! When they’re done, they can name their spooky creation and tell all of the other witches and warlocks what powers it gives them. Then, of course, they can eat it!

Rat Toss

witch party rat toss

This activity would be perfect to play out in the yard after the sun has set (at “the witching hour”, if you will). First you will need maybe five of our plastic rats and the same number of glow necklaces. Now, here’s the story: the witches or warlocks, in an effort to cause chaos in the world, have opened up a number of glowing portals to other realms. They have transformed their minions into rats, and want to send them through the portals to wreak havoc in the other dimensions. But the portals are too dangerous to get close to, so they must stay at a safe distance and toss their minions into another realm from there.

Here’s how you play: pick a “safe line” that the witches must stay behind, and position the portals at various distances from the line. Assign a greater point value to the portals based on how far they are from the line–so, for example, the closest might be worth five points, while the furthest might be worth fifty (it might help to label these with brightly-colored numbers on paper). Next, have each witch or warlock approach the line and take five (or however many rats you get) tosses at the portals. When they’re out of rats, walk around and tally up their score. At the end, the one with the highest score wins a prize–perhaps our light-up wand or wizard hat.

And there you have it! Have fun, and let us know in the comments if you have any stories or suggestions for your magical and spooky Witch Party! And if you really want to complete your witchy look as the host, check out these other great items:

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